How Should I Dress While Traveling in Vietnam?

Tourists in Vietnam
Tourists in Vietnam
The question “How should I dress while traveling in Vietnam?” is a familiar one with tourists when visiting Vietnam.

Winter (November through April) can be cool in Hanoi, and a coat may be necessary. Dress here is a bit more formal and conservative than the fashionable South.

Besides, clothes are really cheap here so you don’t really need to pack too much, and it’s a great excuse to go shopping when you arrive! It’s also really cheap to get clothes laundered. Good walking boots with ankle support are a must, as is a comfortable change of shoes.

You may need to wear these second shoes if you get blisters, so choose carefully. A pair of trekking sandals which can fit socks underneath can be a good option too.

So the above information addressed the question ” How should I dress while traveling in Vietnam?”. Welcome to Vietnam!